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Together we can start to build a strong and individual story :

Creative Direction:


Building a narrative

which best expresses the specificity of your brand,

territory, region, product, event, campaign.


Coaching for development

of your professional identity.


Offer a new look, a new evaluation

in the development of your project


Coordination of international projects

and international relations.


Creative and artistic direction and advice.



Artistic Direction:


Coaching and advice determining themes, moods,

styling, how to apply creative direction.


Event manager

Conception, planning and putting on your events.


Your professional identity,

Advice, conception and application

for a stronger, consolidated, harmonized

social media presence.


Content creation.


Research and application:

tell it in pictures,in words and actions.


Creation of images, drawings, illustrations,

decorative paintings, exclusive photography.


Website construction

(Wix software, see examples)

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Jessica Langton

Selected recent missions :

Consulting and website creation, creation of visual content,

development of their social network identity. USA 2021

for production and publishing company of audiobooks

Consultation, translation and promotional text development, for a supplier of arts materials.

Online sales and marketing experience FR 2020

Consulting and website creation, visual content creation for American actress,

development of her social network identity. USA 2020

Illustrations commission for packaging of a range of products. UK 2020

The development of a commercial project to promote the region and create jobs:

creation of the initial project proposal accompanied by a plan of specific development

or a local site of 25 hectares. For the CC and the département. 2019


Rigorous and structured management & innovative creativity :

Based in the centre of Mediterranean France, I work from my home office or on mission away.

I have worked for French, European, British, American & Asian companies.

Services I offer include:

research and analysis of related information. 


creative and original support for your in-house team in their project building.


develop and lead a network of partners, suppliers or service providers


design and produce visual supports: websites, leaflets, booklets, presentation documents,

catalogues, press reviews, videos, photographs, books.


write you copy for or translate social media content, magazine articles, websites, press kits.

organize events, receptions, seminars, promotional events, campaigns.

Some of my clients over the years :

L’Occitane SA  and  L’Occitane partners worldwide

Oliviers & Co.  FR and worldwide

Alter Eco  FR

Pangea Marketing, London.  UK

Région PACA,  FR

Région Occitanie  FR

Communauté de Communes RVV   FR

MS Evénement  FR

James Langton Audiobooks  USA

NordSud Art Direction  FR

Poisson Soluble  FR

Rob Oldfield Design  UK

Barefoot  Sri Lanka

CoolGraySeven  USA  FR

Atelier Face UK

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