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 artwork in the studio

This page last edited September 25th 2023

Commissioned through this website, a triptych  of paintings from the 'Flowers' series, for

Ocean Two, Miami, Florida USA

'Fleurs Déconstruites'
Latest work currently in the studio
mixed media on canvas, 

300 cm h x 200 cm w
acrylics, charcoal

2 portrait paintings commissioned by Ocean Two, Miami

A third painting soon to be started, comprising two landscape panels
The commission expected to run from May 23 to Jan 24,


The Fire Project

2022 - 2023  A developing series.

006 (2)1.jpg
'Fire Project''
Latest work in the studio,
from the
 newest series
inspired by the wildfires of 20

Elemental, material, sensual working inside with photography, painting, text and drawing,
Working outside with found materials in the burnt out landscape, land art, sculpture and photograph.

This minimalist palette mixed media work, is aiming for embodiment, a descent into the earth, connection with the landscape, and identification with the trees.

“I am THRILLED with my new acquisitions. I have been daydreaming about them ever since.” "Everything arrived in perfect condition. I love them EVEN more now that I see them here."

 "The colours are just perfect.” 

Julian, Toronto, Canada. After a studio visit, email.


“Artwork safely received - packaging excellent. It is beautiful.”  Sandy, Dubai.’  Website and email.

a big thank you to all my customers & collectors for your enthusiastic support

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