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 artwork in the studio

This page last edited December 19th 2022

recent painting on canvas by Jessica Langton from the 'Fleur Deconstruite' series
'Fleur Déconstruite'
Latest work currently in the studio
mixed media on canvas, 

196 cm h x 210 cm w
acrylics, inks, charcoal, graphite

Below: photos of the work in progress and details.
New series Lotus
continues in the studio.

Collage, photo, paintings looking at the juxtaposition of dark and white, of dynamic movements and flat planes, while allowing for an organic development between
control and chance,
cultivation and natural growth.
Dark Flower Two complete._edited.jpg
Latest work in the studio,
from the current series
entitled 'Flowers' including largest format canvases & 
small ink studies on paper.

'Dark Flower Two'
mixed media on canvas, 

203 cm h x 195 cm w
acrylics, inks, charcoal, graphite
pictured here 24th Feb 2022
finishing touches.

Ink studies on watercolour paper,
'February' and 'March' Flowers.
meadowsweet One new (2)edit.jpg

' Meadowsweet'

Large canvases,

using gestural graphic mark-making with acrylics and inks and drawing with graphite and charcoal,

small studies on paper.

Meadowsweet is a new look for me at fields, cultivation, growth, chaotic abundance and controlled farming...



'Meadowsweet One'

mixed media on canvas

138 cm h x 204 cm w


studies on paper 

in mixed media, 30 x 40 cm

& other works from this series. 

“I am THRILLED with my new acquisitions. I have been daydreaming about them ever since.” "Everything arrived in perfect condition. I love them EVEN more now that I see them here."

 "The colours are just perfect.” 

Julian, Toronto, Canada. After a studio visit, email.


“Artwork safely received - packaging excellent. It is beautiful.”  Sandy, Dubai.’  Website and email.

a big thank you to all my customers & collectors for your enthusiastic support

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